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Most affiliate marketers rely on paid traffic through complicated PPC campaigns, pop-under ads, forced downloads, redirects, ads on dating sites, expensive facebook advertising and other methods that just simply aren't necessary.

Last month along I got 32,936 visitors to my blog, and I've never spent a penny on advertising, it's just not needed.  People will naturally share good content that is useful, interesting, easy to read and entertaining.

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Inside the member's area I will show you my behind the scenes dashboard of exactly how many visitors I get, from which search terms and how they navigate my website, what they read, what causes people to leave your website without buying anything, and how to make sure your readers come back for more!

You can generate tons of free traffic using whatever channel you like whether you enjoy making silly youtube videos, pinning things on pinterest, tweeting and retweeting or sharing photos on facebook.


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in the member's area I will show you live heatmaps of how visitors find my blog, what they click on, what they read, and how long they stay before clicking one of my affiliate links and earning me a commission.

I'll show you how to get free traffic and never have to pay for advertising, learn complicated paid traffic methods or risk any financial investment on driving traffic to your blog.

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