Getting Free Traffic

The main reason why I choose to focus on getting free traffic instead of paying for it is because it forces us to provide great value, write good content that is shareable.

Sure a lot of people make a lot of money with tricks, popunders, cloaked facebook ads, and other potentially gray area ways to promote products.  But those methods are always unsustainable in the long run and tons of time and energy are wasted trying to find the latest trend or trick to stay ahead of the compliance teams at facebook and other advertising companies.

Your Story = Free Traffic

Often overlooked is the fact that your story is something that no one else can offer, which means you are a unique selling point that no one else can offer.

Here's the thing, everyone has a story and a market.

Even though it might seem that people want to follow the hot perfect girl or the good looking charismatic guy the truth is, people invest in products that are recommended by people similar to them.

Your Recomendation Matters

People listen to people. This is why user reviews on Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor and other review sites are so popular. No longer do people trust paid endorsements by big media companies or advertisements on infomercials.

If you needed a recommendation and knew a friend, coworker or neighbor who uses the same product, wouldn't you be more likely to listen to their recommendation than trust the salesman at the store or some big faceless website with no personality?

More Free Traffic Sources

  • Shareable Blog Articles

    Get tons of traffic from following my templates to writing shareable blog articles and content!

  • Super Easy Optimizing of Basic SEO

    In this course i’ll show you the 5 minute basics of SEO that will get you tons of free, non-paid, organic search traffic without needing to do any keyword research!

  • Get Likes, Shares, Retweets and Google+ Mentions

    In this course i’m going to show you my most shared blog posts and how to use social media to get free viral traffic.

  • Get Free Traffic from Youtube

    I’m going to show you how to insert clickable affiliate links right into Youtube videos and how you can use easy to make videos in multiple places to squeeze the most traffic out of each one!

How to Get Tons of Free Traffic


Most affiliate marketers rely on paid traffic through complicated PPC campaigns, pop-under ads, forced downloads, redirects, ads on dating sites, expensive facebook advertising and other methods that just simply aren't necessary.

Last month along I got 32,936 visitors to my blog, and I've never spent a penny on advertising, it's just not needed.  People will naturally share good content that is useful, interesting, easy to read and entertaining.

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You can generate tons of free traffic using whatever channel you like whether you enjoy making silly youtube videos, pinning things on pinterest, tweeting and retweeting or sharing photos on facebook.

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I'll show you how to get free traffic and never have to pay for advertising, learn complicated paid traffic methods or risk any financial investment on driving traffic to your blog.

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