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Is who the ideal customer for Earnest Affiliate would be, as created from the Membership Site Master course.

Female Customer: "Katie"

Katie, 30, American

Katie has been working the same boring job for three years now, she knows she’s getting older but doesn’t really know what to do or where to start. She has always heard of making money online but it has always
scared her because it seems complicated and difficult. She just wishes she could make a few hundred
extra bucks a month with a website but doesn’t know where to start.
She is frustrated because every time she finds something that she wants to try, everyone tells her not to do it and gives her a million reasons why it won’t work.

With a membership to Earnest Affiliate, she’ll not only get an easy to follow step by step system on how to make a few hundred bucks a month, but also lay a foundation and spark her belief that she can make enough to replace her 9-5 income and create the life that she really believes in.
It’ll replace her negative mindset into an abundance mentality and give her hope in herself and the world again, Sparking her life and imagination to do more.


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Is who the ideal customer for Earnest Affiliate would be, as created from the Membership Site Master course.

Male Customer: "David"

David, 28, Asian-American

David grew up thinking everything was normal and if he graduated from high school,
got into a good college, and landed a good job, everything would be handed to him.
He would have a nice new car, a big house, and a wife that loved him.
Instead, he realized that nothing is handed to him after college. His job is boring
and he just goes through the motions. His new car is now 5 years old. His dream home
is out of reach. He’s single and the girl’s he has dated have been nothing more than someone
to watch movies with at night so he wouldn’t be alone.

His parents bug him about getting married and having kids, but he’s still not responsible
enough to even take care of himself. He sees his friends on facebook living it up and having a great life. He sees strangers online living it up, traveling and enjoying life, so he plans his vacations 6 months in advance and goes to Thailand or Mexico for 1 week, where he has a great time but is just as tired when he gets back as he didn’t have enough time to relax and enjoy himself. He thinks he is happy and he thinks this is all there is to life, as he doesn’t really believe that there really is an easy alternative.

He needs to believe that there is a way to take control of his life and build a new one that doesn’t involve compromise, he needs Earnest Affiliate he just doesn’t know it yet.


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