Creating Shareable Blog Content


Your goal is to let readers get to know you. People buy things from people they trust, and take recommendations for products by people they connect with. Start writing  articles that tell your story about who you are, where you came from and what you’re trying to achieve.  It’ll be tempting but try not to include any affiliate links as I know you’re excited but trust me, take your time and think of the long run.



Your First Five Posts:

To make it easier on yourself, write these first five posts with your friends and family in mind as the first readers. Actually send the link to your mom, brother or sister, and your close friends.  Don’t try to sell them anything, just share things that may be helpful or inspiring with them.

We want to give value content as well as build genuine connections with our readers without selling anything.

Money follows value, it always does.


 Content Strategy: 

Don’t worry about adding affiliate links or making money from your blog just yet. Write these posts from a point of view that you would want to help out your cousin who lives on the other side country, or to you when you were just graduating from school.

Share your blog and these posts with family and friends, don’t try to sell anything yet, just provide great content and a great story. Make it something you would be proud and definitely not ashamed your aunt would read.

We’re going to want 5 posts on your blog before we really start sending tons of traffic to it, for now, just build it up with great content so when people do find it, they’ll be happy they did, even your Grandma!

Inside the Earnest Affiliate's members area, you'll get templates for the first 5 blog posts you should write. Where you place your affiliate links and how to get readers to stumble upon your links themselves, which is the ultimate earnest approach.

7 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Move to Thailand

Here is an example of one of my most shared posts. I've never spend any money advertising it and it but since it follows my formula for creating blog posts that people like to read and I made it easy to share, it's gotten well over one hundred shares since I wrote it. Inside my course I show you my top five blog posts, and break down why they are so easy to share as well as give you templates for you first five!  See you inside Earnest Affiliate!

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