Creating Your Affiliate Blog or Website

You’ll need somewhere for people to go to click your affiliate link and get more information about the products you are promoting. So even though it's technically possible to be an affiliate marketer without having a blog or a website, it's not possible to do it Earnestly.  Using Stray Links: Copy and pasting your affiliate link in comments, on forums and spending them unsolicited through email is a waste of time, isn't scalable, isn't a long term strategy and comes across as spammy.

  • Constant work and posting (FB, Reddit, Twitter etc)
  • Not allowed in many places (Comments, Guest Posts, Forums, Etc)
  • Takes 7-13 touches before conversion (your blog will automate it)


  Static Website: The benefits of having a static website include:

  • Doesn’t need to be updated often
  • Less content
  • Less time to make

but with every upside there are down sides, the main reason why I don't suggest a static website is less traffic and less return visitors.


    Benefits of using a Blog: What is a web log aka blog: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Pros:

  • Can be super informal
  • Fun to update, write about what you like
  • Each to make 7-13 touches
  • Reader gets to know you


  • Requires constant updating
  • Easy to get off track or change your interests
  • Needs to be professional


 In the members area of the Earnest Affiliate course we show you step by step how to choose who to host your website or blog with, how to get free hosting forever, and even how to get a free domain name. Even if you've never made a website before, you will be off the right start. If you already have a blog or website, you'll find out how to make it into the perfect platform for sharing your affiliate offers.

How to Setup a WordPress Blog or Website

My Most Recommended Host:

I personally use and recommend SiteGround because all of their plans include self updating WordPress, free daily backups, great support, stable uptime and a free domain name when signing up.


Most Popular WordPress Host:

You're welcome to use Bluehost if that's the site you are comfortable with, they are a very popular hosting company used by thousands of people.


Most Expensive Host:

An expensive but good managed WordPress host, similar to SiteGround above is WPEngine.


Free Alternatives: 

Inside the Earnest Affiliate course, I show you how to get free hosting for your blog and go in depth on the pros and cons of each solution for affiliate marketing.  I show you step by step how to choose a domain name, explain if you should use your personal name or a niche name for your site, as well as show you step by step how to setup your site for conversion and making sales.

Hope to see you inside the course!

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