Case Studies


Inside the member's course, I show you behind the scenes exactly how much money I make with my different sources of affiliate income. Currently I have five products that I promote that each make over $1,000 a month on average bringing me in over $5,000 a month in additional income.

The best thing about affiliate income is that it is non-earned, which means it is completely passive and there is nothing to ship, no inventory to buy and no risks or liability involved.  Since we only promote products that we personally use and earnestly recommend, there are few to no returns ever and our readers love us and keep coming back for more recommendations.



High Ticket Affiliate Offers:

Inside the course, I show you with video screen shares the dashboard of this above example as well as my other high value earners so you can learn from how I make an average of $1,600 or more for each one of my five main affiliate products that I promote.

Inside the member's area I am 100% open and share my exact affiliate programs, links, products, and even my sources of traffic in my case study modules.

What's even crazier is the fact that I actually earn more money using these products for my ecommerce stores and online businesses than I get from affiliate commissions. Earnest Affiliate marketing really is a win/win situation for both you, the affiliate as well as the customer.  With some of the courses and products I personally use, I make over $20,000 a month and an additional $1,200 - $4,000 a month in affiliate commission.



Dropshipping vs. Affiliate Earnings

One question my friends always ask me is if I make more money with my actual dropshipping stores or promoting dropshipping courses. The answer is both. They are not mutually exclusive, in fact, they are complimentary.

I didn't start making money promoting dropshipping courses until I started making money with my actual store. People are smart. No one pays for diet advice from a fat man, just as no one takes financial advice from a broke guy. As soon as my income from my actual stores started increasing, so did my affiliate earnings from promoting dropshipping itself. That being said, since I have multiple stores I have always made more from my actual dropshipping stores than promoting the courses. Dropshipping for me has been like striking it big in the gold mines as well as selling shovels on the side.

However that will hopefully change as I scale my affiliate marketing business to make myself, and the member's of my course, all millionaires from Earnest Affiliate Marketing.



I'm really excited to share with you the inside, behind the scenes scoop on how much I earn from each affiliate product that I promote, especially the ones that work, but also the offers that I thought would sell well but didn't.

My goal is to not only teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and help you find your own profitable niches, but also to show you what worked and didn't work for me personally so you can jump start your success and replace your 9-5 income this year.

Join my Earnest Affiliate course today and see you inside!


Warm Regards,

Johnny FD




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