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If you answered yes to any of the above, I'm happy to hop on Skype for an interview or write a unique guest post on your blog.

Just email at johnny @ earnestaffiliate.com and let me know when you're avaliable to schedule or skype!

*if you answered no to the above, aren't familiar with private affiliate networks, or aren't already making money with affiliate marketing then consider joining as a student instead. You can always come back after you learn the step-by-step basics and build your audience to promote this course.

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Email Example:

Subject: Check out how this guy makes an extra $4,000 a month from Affiliate Marketing

Body: I always knew some people made a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but it always involved complicated facebook campaigns, paid ads, banners and other crazy things that I just didn't want to get involved in.

I had no idea that someone could make that much money with just a free blog and no technical know how.

It turns out that there really is an easier way to make money online, and Johnny shows you in his course, step by step how to choose a niche, products to promote and even how he gets traffic and his best selling products!

Affiliate marketing is one of those things that can make you an extra $200 to $4,000+ a month just by creating an affiliate link, and promoting products.  With Johnny's system, he shows you how to do it without paid ads, without keyword research tools and without expensive add on software like trackers or the need for a private blog network.

You can start today by simply watching his video here: EarnestAffiliate.com

I really think this is the easiest way to get started making money online for those who are just starting out and don't have tons of technical skills.

Johnny is a legit, genuine guy who had less than $200 in his bank account just a few years ago. Now he's making over $10k a month in ecommerce and an additional $4,000 in bonus side income from affiliate marketing.

His course is scheduled to be released for $497 but since you're an insider, you get first access to it for only $197, check it out here: EarnestAffiliate.com



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